Business Transformation

When you implement Varasset, you have the opportunity to transform and optimize your business processes.  You don't want to keep your out-of-date practices, yet too much change during a project can introduce risk.  What is the right balance?

Our consultants have years of industry experience helping our customers define their goals and adapt industry standard "best practices" to their specific situation.  We've refined our implementation method by carefully studying our projects over many years.  We've learned that constant communication is key to project success, even when it involves delivering difficult, honest messages.

What is a "Best Practice"?

Have you heard “best practices” used as a buzzword to justify expensive consultants?  Is there a magic button that will optimize your organization?

Standard processes are generally a good idea, but need to be adapted to the size, environment and requirements of your organization.

One size does not fit all.  That’s why we built Varasset with the flexibility to adapt to your needs.

What is Worthwhile?
  • Have realistic expectations
  • Analyze “smart” practices
  • Pick only the processes that offer the most benefit
  • Adapt practices to your circumstances
  • Identify your risks and organizational weaknesses
  • Establish benchmarks and goals
  • Measure the results and be prepared to revise

What to Avoid?
  • Any consultant who tells you this isn't difficult
  • Over-adoption of complex standards
  • Any process that can't be easily used in day-to-day operations