Although Varasset is fully capable when operating “stand alone,” most of our customers request some level of integration with other enterprise solutions.  Integrating Varasset with your other databases offers significant benefits:

  • Streamlines workflows & substantially improves process efficiency
  • Eliminates duplicate & incorrect data entry
  • Keeps GIS data accurate and current
  • Promotes timely capital asset depreciation and total cost of ownership
  • Allows for better budget-to-actual reporting
Varasset API

Varasset’s API (Application Programming Interface) is designed to provide reliable data integration with nearly all data elements in Varasset.  The API utilizes Varasset’s configurable, middle-tier business logic to ensure incoming data is properly stored and useful in future transactions.

Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)

Varasset is designed to be a dynamic configuration architecture on the .NET framework.  We frequently integrate our software with Esri and other applications, but can also interface with databases developed in-house.

Integration Bus

Does your utility utilize an enterprise integration application (EAI) engine such as WebSphere, BizTalk Server or Tibco?  Varasset's XGI integration module provides full compatibility with middleware through XML and web services

Integration Support

If you have capable in-house IT staff, they can rapidly develop and deploy stable, real-time or batch interfaces.  If your IT staff are unavailable, our developers can configure the Varasset API to interface with your other databases.  Our professional developers understand the complexities of developing reliable interfaces to solve your business problems.