Varasset Asset Management
Varasset's fully integrated asset and work management functionality, combined with analytics and visualization tools, gives you the ability to forecast, prioritize expenditures and prevent problems before they become costly and disruptive.
Varasset Work Management
Varasset's work management helps you manage your capital construction and repair projects from start to finish, with complete transparency and automated communication at every stage.
Varasset's combined strengths - work management, mobile data collection, asset management, custom billing, mapping and business intelligence - are used to support pole joint use by some of the largest utilities in the US.
Varasset Mobile Work
Give your field crews the tools they need to be effective. Varasset Mobile is designed to work together with the Varasset software on your server, eliminating a major disconnect between office and field.
Varasset Specialized Asset & Work Solutions
It's all in the name. Varasset is designed as a variable asset management system - a Swiss army knife capable of adapting to specialized asset and work requirements.
Varasset Specialized Billing
Rate-based billing engine allows you to invoice for miscellaneous Accounts Receivable, such as recurring joint use attachment rental and make-ready costs.