Have a Challenging Requirement?

Varasset gives you a flexible set of tools that can be configured to solve your uncommon challenges.

  • Asset management
  • Work management
  • Mobile data collection & work
  • Integrated GIS
  • Externally-facing web portal for collaborative work
  • Automated workflows, alerts and notifications
  • Business intelligence & analytics
Special Projects Example - NERC Compliance

Varasset can be configured to support your corner-case requirements.  For example, Varasset is used by a large investor owned utility to manage LIDAR data collection for 100 kV+ transmission lines.  Conditions are evaluated in Varasset, by internal engineers and external contractors, then remediation construction projects are initiated and approved based on cost estimates, or the lines are de-rated to bring them into compliance.  Varasset then produces NERC compliance reports, allowing the utility to comply with recurring compliance audits.

What's Your Challenge?

Do you have a challenge involving your assets and work processes?  Need a flexible, robust solution within your budget?  Please call and see if we can help.  We'll give you an honest, helpful answer.