Collaborate with External Companies & Contractors

Varasset’s configurable Web Ticket Manager facilitates complex collaboration with other organizations. Web Ticket Manager can be hosted on your infrastructure or in the cloud.

Web Ticket Manager allows you to share selected data, such as assets, work orders, tasks, tickets and permits. External organizations can access only the data you want them to see. Your workflows and data validation rules will be enforced to ensure valid data and automated workflows.

  • Web client
  • Integrated geographic mapping
  • Workflows, alerts & notifications
  • Tickets & ticket templates
  • Data importer/exporter
  • Reporting
  • Team and role security
  • Managing work activities
  • Processing contractor invoices
  • Managing RFQ responses from contractors
  • Permit application & approval
  • Regulatory compliance reporting

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The Varasset Web Ticket Manager empowers your external business partners to access their own data, update their work assignments, initiate requests and run their own reports. By following your workflows and data format requirements, accuracy is increased, workload is reduced for both organizations, and turnaround times are substantially reduced.